About us

Tripmakers Partner Network is an affiliate network of Tripmakers.com. TMP create the tools and technology that help thousands of travelers to find the perfect flight or hotel for their next trips. We scour the globe to build a portfolio of tens of thousands of accommodation options, tours and transfers, unique experiences, city tours, excursion, attraction tickets and restaurants from around the world. Powering global travel technology and providing the best value for money is our vision. Excellence in technology with a focus on constant innovation.

Great Values

Each of our properties is carefully selected to ensure that they offer excellent quality at the very best value for money. TMP offers huge range of accommodation from over 15 XML partners coupled with direct contracted rate to suite every taste and budget. From five-star luxury to two-star budget self-catering, all of our hotels rates are secured at the very best market prices available. Why not take advantage of some of the five-star hotels at three-star prices right now?

We are travel experts

Our management team has been running large travel companies and making travel arrangements for customers since the 1980s. Tripmakers.com has a team of professionals who work night and day to find the best quality properties at the most competitive rates. We know when you should book and how you should book to get the very best value for your customers.

Our team of travel experts and our unique technology provide you with the very best value accommodation and airport to hotel transfers available. Every day, our experienced team of professionals and the state of the art technology will search for 200,000 hotels, In order to find the very best value on the market to meet you.

Customer Care

TMP offers a dedicated customer care and support throughout your booking process. We have experienced representatives on hand to assist you if you have any questions or enquiries. We have the fastest, easiest to use web site of any travel company backed up by a team of travel professionals who are available seven days a week to answer your questions and help you choose the best accommodation and transfers for you and your clients. Friendly and efficient service is some of our USPs.

Trip support Center

Weekdays: 9am - 8pm EST
Saturday: 10am - 6:30pm EST

Toll Free (UAE) 800 trip 8747