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Tripmakers Agent is the optimal and efficient flight search and booking system for consolidators, travel agency collaborations and travel agencies.

Using the intuitive, graphical User Interface all call center employees, travel agents and travel consultants are able to find and book the best deals from a variety of fares within a very short time. Using the software does not require any GDS knowledge. Tripmakers Agent provides all relevant information such as flight times, booking and cabin classes, booking restrictions, prices and service charges.

In addition, the agent can calculate an individual service charge and automatically generate offers. Using the integrated Booking Manager bookings can be processed and managed conveniently, e.g. reserve seats, add OSIs and SSRs or cancel bookings. In the process, your users or agents always maintain an overview of the status of each booking.

Tripmakers Agent covers the entire process in only one system from the selection of the flight to the booking and up to ticketing of GDS fares or ticket order with the consolidator. Thus saving time and increasing the efficiency of your sales team.

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